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Molecular Sieve Drying Technology

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  The microwave drying technology solves the problems of slow drying speed,large energy loss,and poor product quality in traditional dry molecular sieves,which are manifested in:
  1.Microwave dried molecular sieves are fast,microwave drying can be achieved within a few minutes;
  2,microwave drying molecular sieve uniform,deep drying,product quality;
  3,static drying,no burning belt,less dust;
  4,non-contact drying,to avoid the molecular sieve pollution;
  5,microwave drying molecular sieve process safety,energy saving,environmental protection Use of electrical energy,both inside and outside drying at the same time,more than 50%energy saving than electrothermal drying;
  6,shorten the production cycle,greatly reducing the production of liquidity;
  7.Microwave drying equipment box temperature below 40°C to improve the working environment of workers;
  8,the equipment is simple and convenient.

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