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Feizhou won the second prize of the Second Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Quzhou City

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  On July 6,the final of Quzhou City's 2nd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Quzhou District were held in the city's high-tech entrepreneurial service center.The competition is sponsored by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,the City Science and Innovation Center is the specific contractor,the city direct and other 15 units co-sponsored.
  The contest took the“6+4”on-the-spot reply method,namely:6-minute on-site explanation of PPT,4 minutes of questioning by judges,each participating company team introduced the innovation and entrepreneurial elements of the company team within a specified time,reviewed by 5 experts and 36 A public review scored.A total of 20 enterprise teams participated in the competition,which was divided into a growing enterprise group and a startup enterprise group to compete.Among them,there are 12 teams in the startup group and 12 teams in the growth group.A total of 1 first prize in the growth enterprise group,2 second prizes,and 6 outstanding awards;1 first prize in the start-up group,1 second prize and 5 outstanding awards;and 36 public reviewers at the site Rated the best popularity award.

  In the end,the unnamed robot company founded by Dr.Peking University and Anhui Kangneng Electric Co.,Ltd.won first prizes in the group of start-up companies and growth companies.The top 9 companies in the growth group and the top 6 companies in the start-up group,a total of 15 companies entered the provincial finals.

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