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4A molecular sieve

4A molecular sieve special product, with a pore diameter of about 4A, is an alkali metal aluminosilicate, widely used in sub-gas, liquid drying.

【Product Introduction】
  FZ-4A molecular sieve special product,the aperture is about 3A,suitable for gas and liquid drying,hydrocarbon dehydration.Can be widely used in petroleum,cracked gas,ethylene,propylene and natural gas deep dry,hollow glass desiccant.
  Molecular Formula:0.4K2O·0.6Na2O·Al2O3·2.0SiO2·4.5H2O
  1.Drying of various liquids(such as ethanol)
  2.Drying of air and refrigerant
  3.Drying of natural gas and methane
  4.Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons and cracked gases,ethylene,acetylene,propylene,butadiene
  Iron drum/drum/aluminum plastic/customer requirements.
  Adsorption of water and organics should be avoided before use,otherwise they should be regenerated.

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